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The work method and environment of modified starch processing plant.

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Modified starch processing plant must follow a certain amount of time and temperature (25 to 50 ℃) curve. Refined starch milk is pumped into a mixing/heating/reaction tank, special ingredients (such as sugar producing enzymes), preparation (such as citric acid, vinegar (acetic acid), and salt (such as sodium chloride)adding to the tank. These additives in aqueous solution way is stored in the tank, then pump into the mixing tank. A formula to produce a product only. The mixture was fully mixing and indirect heating by hot water.
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The mixture after neutralization, cooling, is pumped into a buffer tank. Modified starch processing plant methods have a wet method, dry method and cooking method. Because of cooking process using different equipment ,it can be divided into hot paste, high pressure and injection method.
1. Wet Process Production:
Wet processing is based on the starch and water and other liquid medium for the starch milk, having modified reaction with chemical reagent in a certain condition to generate the modified starch. In this process, starch granule is in a state of non gelatinized. If the dispersion medium is not water but organic solvent, or water mixed solvent, is also called the solvent method. Organic solvent of solvent method is expensive, inflammable and explosive dangerous, recycling difficult, only production high degree of substitution and high value-added products to use.
2. Dry Process Production:
In the dry process production technology, the original starch content up to remain below 40%, generally about 20%, the overall reaction process is in a state of relative. The advantage of this method is saving the dehydration and drying process of wet method, save energy, reduce the production cost, no pollution. But there are also shortcomings, namely the starch mixed with chemical reagent is not uniform, reaction is not sufficient, so only a few products, such as yellow dextrin, white dextrin, acid degradation of starch and starch phosphate ester, etc.
3. Boiling Process Production:
One of the boiling process: proselytization. Prepaste starch, which is also called the starch, as the name implies, it is a starch product has been gelatinized. It is a kind of modified starch generated by physical methods(heat-moisture treatment).

The purpose of the modified starch processing plant:one is in order to meet the requirement of all kinds of industrial, second is to open up the new usage of starch, expands the range of application.The obvious difference between with the original starch: the starch can dissolve in cold water, namely after swelling in cold water forms a certain degree of starch pastes, easy to use, coagulation sink sex is better than the original starch.

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