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Our sugar alcohols machinery can improve some common problems existing in the sugar alcohols in life.

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How to produce sugar alcohols by yourself? What kind of materials and equipments need? We will give an answer.
A sugar alcohol, also known as a polyol, is an interesting type of carbohydrate. Sugar alcohols machinery can promote sugar alcohol extraction. Its structure is kind of hybrid between a sugar molecule and an alcohol molecule (hence the name “sugar alcohol”) and, for the most part, our bodies do a poor job of digesting and breaking down sugar alcohol in the small bowel.
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Sugar alcohols are only partially absorbed from the human small intestine. Our sugar alcohol machinery can improve this situation .The percentage absorbed varies with each sugar alcohol and in some cases with the presence of food. It has also been shown that if absorbed, sugar alcohols are not fully metabolized.

As such they are excreted in to the urine. It’s also sweet to the tongue and resistant to fermentation by oral bacteria, meaning sugar-free gum manufacturers employ it judiciously to sweeten their products without causing cavities. Choosing our sugar alcohols machinery will be the most wonderful choice you have made.

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