Sweet Potato Starch Processing Plant

  • Sweet Potato Starch Processing Plant

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Sweet potato starch processing plant working process introduction.

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Production Case

Sweet potato starch processing plant is decomposed into pulp, screening, separation and drying four main section; is also divided into transportation, cleaning, pulp, impregnation, screening, bleaching, bed cleaning, separation, dehydration, drying, air-cooled packaging twelve control points.
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Sweet Potato Washing Unit:
Washing effect: Mainly to clean sweet potato outer epidermis stained with mud, and wash to remove sweet potato root epidermis.
GX - 850 type rotary cleaning machine, its structure is horizontal cylinder, with coarse washing area (including the drainage hole), bathing area, net washing area (including the drainage hole), spray nozzle, rifle, stirring rod, etc. It depends on the motor drive gear rotating cylinder, with water as medium spraying, washing, plunge grinding to remove sediment and potato skins. The washing requirement is: remove sediment clean, peel requirements above 80%.

Broken Unit :
6 WSJ - 45 disintegrator of flying hammer type, its structure composed by the machine cover, enclosure, frame, main shaft, sieve plate, hammer, electric motor, etc. It is a kind of high speed flying hammer pulp machine, with compact structure, stable running, easy to install and use, easy maintenance overhaul advantages.
Secondary breaking through the 1.4 mm sieve plate, is still the sweet potato starch processing plant organization structure, makes the small starch granules can be more smoothly, more cleanly separated from cassava collapse of structure.

Starch Extraction/Fiber Separation Unit:
Sweet potato residue is slender fiber, volume is larger than the starch granules, the proportion is lighter than the starch granules. The broken puree, with water as the medium, mixing evenly, and then to pump evenly feed sieving equipment (including the flat vibration sieve, sieve, sieve, centrifugal rolling pressure curved sieve etc.), under the action of the mechanical oscillation, roll, centrifugal, hydraulic flushing, repeated washing to puree. Butterfly separator, liquid rotary separator, which is to be designed according to the principle of density separation.
Sweet potato starch, generally requires twice separate, can achieve more ideal effect.

Dewatering Unit:
Wet starch general water cut of about 55%. Butterfly separator, liquid rotary separator concentrated whey isolated from the general to 20 baume degree, all need to again centrifugal dehydration, drying efficiency, saves energy.

Starch Dry Unit:
The starch factory usually uses air drying (also called flash drying). The whole process time is done in a flash, so the internal moisture has been dry before pasting , so the pasting or degradation phenomenon will not occur.
The product after drying uses high efficiency cyclone to collect, finished products of drying machine use pneumatic conveyor or screw conveyor to cool, cooling dry starch will use two stage cyclone separator collection and screw conveyor sends to the sieving machine, after screening to package warehousing.Then the whole sweet potato starch processing plant completes.

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