Wheat Starch Production Line

  • Wheat Starch Production Line

Short Description:

20t / 30t / 35t / 60t / 70t Capacity Wheat Starch Production Line

Product Detail

Production Case



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 Function of Wheat Starch Production Line:

Constantly separating solid (silt) from suspending fluid, it is mainly used in starch processing industry referring to potato, tapioca and sweet potato as well as food, drinking and chemicals industries.

Design Features of 
Wheat Starch Production:

It is made of wearable engineering plastics and stainless steel.It has silt-removing efficiency of 98% without movable components.In addition to large-volume silt-heaping chamber, it is still designed with special cleaning device. 

Performance Parameters of Wheat Starch Production :



Feeding Pressure(bar)

de-sanding Efficiency(%)





















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