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The main technological process of xylose production line can be divided into three parts: hydrolysis, refining and extraction.

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We will analyze from three aspects to introduce xylose production line.

How to extract crystallization xylose from corn cob?
Corn cob producing xylose (D - xylose) process can be divided into three parts: hydrolysis, refining and extraction.
Hydrolysis is putting pentosan in corn cob catalyze and hydrolyze by sulfuric acid to get Single molecule pentose hydrolysate,. the pentose in that is mainly xylose. To remove the saccharide impurities contained in the hydrolysate are the refining process of the hydrolysate, or purification process.
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To Refine is to remove suspended solid, organic colored substance, sulfuric acid catalyst, adhesiveness and ash content and other impurities contained in the hydrolysate to get more pure pentose aqueous solution. The main method of refined hydrolysate including flashing,filtering, neutralization, active carbon decoloring, vacuum evaporation and ion exchange, etc.
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Extraction is finished through concentration and crystallization method and makes xylose in crystal form precipitate from the aqueous solution and at the same time with the rest of the pentose separation extraction, through concentration and crystallization method and making xylose in crystal form precipitates from the aqueous solution and separating from other pentose to get the high purity crystallization of xylose finished product .

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