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Sweet potato starch machinery is one of our best new type equipment.

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Production Case

We export many agricultural machines .Especially in exporting Sweet potato ( fresh sweet potato, frozen sweet potato, frozen steamed sweet potato, sweet potato starch, sweet potato slice). Sweet potato starch machinery has the similar functions as fully-automatic sweet potato production line, while manual sweet potato starch machinery has much lower price and is specially suitable for small scale sweet potato manufacturers. Sweet potato starch machinery is suitable for potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic and other root crops.
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It is composed of components such as cutting and seeding organization, field wheels, girders, excavating a shovel, transporting chains, choosing sieve. They can complete the working procedures such as harvesting, excavating , choosing, the series include the middle drive transmission and the left-side drive transmission for different types of tractors. This sweet potato starch machinery in low price is specially designed for small and medium scale sweet potato manufacturers. We offer three different models(30 kg/h, 60 kg/h, 150 kg/h) for various sweet potato sellers. Sweet potato starch machinery can be applied in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc. Three different yield sweet potato starch machinery enjoy high praise in our customers. Sweet potato starch machinery with 30 kg/h yield is best for super market or food retailer store. Sweet potato business is the most-lasting business now and forever.

Its pleasure for me to display our product to you and it will be more pleasure if you are interested in our product.

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