CW Series Cage Washer

  • CW Series Cage Washer

Short Description:

CW Series Cage Washer , Starch Processing Machine Manufacturers

Product Detail

Production Case

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Functions of Cage Washer:

Potato, cassava, sweet potato, and other cleaning materials tubers shape(pretreatment) equipment; 
Structural Characteristics oCage Washer

Drum adopts squirrel-cage type structure, low material breakage rate, convenient sediment discharge; 
Built-in specially designed liquid partition, clean water level can be freely adjusted; 
Drum adopts frequency control, processing capacity can be arbitrarily adjusted; 
The entire system uses countercurrent washing process, low water consumption and a high degree of tuber surface cleanliness; 
Performance Parameters oCage Washer
Roller diameter(mm)
Roller length(mm)
Roller rotary speed(r/min)
Motor power(kw)
Capacity(ton potato /h)
Net  weight(kg)


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