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Win Tone Mahinery is a professional company in producing modified starch machinery.

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Modified starch is a food additive which is prepared by treating starch or starch granules. Modified starch machinery is effective to improve the quality of the starch. Starch altered by physical or chemical treatment to give special properties for food processing, e.g. change in gel strength, flow properties, color, clarity, stability of the paste. Acid-modified starch results from acid treatment that reduces the viscosity of the paste (used in sugar confectionery).
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Modified starch has a lot of application in various industries. The modified starch machinery can improve the production and work efficiency starch of modified. Modified starch is an effective and economical fluid loss agent in water based drilling fluids, which is a starch derivative. It is not bacterial degradation when at 120celsius degrees, environmentally acceptable and non-toxic. Modified Starch can produce a thin, slick, tough filter cake and promotes faster penetration rates with reducer friction. It can be used in all kinds of drilling fluid systems. Further degrees of treatment can result in starch being unaffected by boiling water and losing its gel-forming properties. See also starch, pregelatinized.

We are a professional company in producing modified starch machinery. At present we can produce many different kinds modified starch machinery according to the clients' specification and sample.

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