Starch Overflow Separator

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Features and advantages of starch overflow separator introduction.

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Features and Advantages of Starch Overflow Separator:
The machine integrates pulverizing and multi-stage separation in one body, and the pulverizing and separating operate continuously to prevent the starch from oxidation and browning in the course of extracting. The starched produced is white and fine, and the vermicelli products processed with the starch has bright white color, hence its price is higher than common vermicelli product.

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The starch overflow separator adopts principle of connected vessels to ensure the 1st stage elutriating chamber has sufficient water level and make the pulverized dregs, after being fully elutriated, overflow and enter into the 2nd elutriation and filtering, which overcomes the defect that the 1st filter is hard to filter thoroughly. Therefore the filter rate is greatly improved.

Advantages: The equipment is energy-conversation and water-saving. Starch overflow separator is capable of processing 1000-3000 kg fresh potatoes per hour, with only 5.5-7.5kw power. The two stages elutriation is carried out in order, so the water can be repeatedly used. The equipment is easy for operation, and one operator can operate it. The investment of the equipment is relatively small, and the equipment has compact structure and covers little area.

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