RS Series High Efficient Centrifugal Screen

  • RS Series High Efficient Centrifugal Screen

Short Description:

RS series high efficient centrifugal screen is designed and produced Win Tone Machinery.It is an excellent equipment that makes great contribution to agriculture.

Product Detail

Production Case

RS Series High Efficient Centrifugal Screen Uses:
For separating dregs from slurry in the processing of potato, cassava, sweet potato, wheat and other grain (rice) starch.
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RS Series High Efficient Centrifugal Screen Design Features:

The tailor-made mesh sieve and the special arrangement of holes make the extraction rate reaches as high as 99%;
Unique internal and external cleaning nozzles, effectively preventing the screen surface jam, and ensuring long-term continuous equipment operation;

Special Fiber pump and Defoaming pump bring small foam and large capacity;

Special sealing structure of transmission box, ensuring the ideal seal between the screen and the discharge chamber;
The original SKF double-end surface sealing bearings make the entire production processes do not need the additional lubrication;
The special technology of RS Series Centrifugal Screen, well-cooperating with the main shaft, ensuring that the complete machine have light vibration and low noise;

RS Series Centrifugal Screen Technical Parameters:


Spindle speedr/min



































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