Starch Extracting Machine

  • Starch Extracting Machine

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Win Tone Machinery is a manufacture specialized in producing starch extracting machine.

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The starch extracting machine comes with an unique sealing design and is crafted from stainless steel to prevent the occurrence of corrosion. Advanced surface treatment provides added resistance against oil and dirt. Our machine is widely utilized for the starch processing of plants. 
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The hydrocyclone method is ideal for various types of materials and is adopted for better starch separation. This machine collection fresh potato and cassava smashing, the multistage separations in a body, the smashing and the separation carried on continuously, have avoided in the starch foliation oxidized to turn brown, produced starch pure white exquisite. The multifunctional design enables superior hydrocyclone washing, separation, concentration, and recovery. The computer optimized pipeline of our hydrocyclone group is both compact and elegant. For exceptional separation yields, our starch extracting machine utilizes high strength cyclone pipes that are forged from reinforced nylon.

As a specialized starch extracting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Win Tone also offers potato starch production line,cassava starch production line,corn starch production line,wheat starch production line,modified starch production line,sweet potato starch production line,starch sugar production line,xylose production line,sugar alcohols equipment,starch sugar single machine and so on.

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