Automatic Brush Filter

  • Automatic Brush Filter

Short Description:

Automatic brush filter is an excellent mechanical and biological filter media.

Product Detail

Production Case

Automatic brush filter is an excellent mechanical and biological filter media, hangs vertically in pre-filter chamber to filter the solids before biological chamber 4 inch diameter. And it works safely and reliably.Brush filter used for move away residues and rest wastes in the starch slurry, 80-120 mesh screener makes the slurry purified in higher quality.
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Automatic Brush Filter Functions and applications:
Automatic brush filter is used for water system of variety, especially in the continuous working system. It can remove all mechanical impurities to make sure the equipment system safe and reliable working. It is also the substitute of ideal import filter. All index fully achieves the same level of imported products.

Automatic brush filter internal structure consists of Bristle brush or stainless steel brush, stainless steel screen and drive. It self-finished cleaning and sewage by drive motor and electric valve. It also has double function of differential pressure and timing of automatic sewage. Its automatic parts use the world's advanced and reliable programmable controller PLC.

When the water flows through the automatic brush filter, the mechanical impurities were intercepted by screen. The increase of filter screen impurities makes the differential pressure up to 0.04Mpa,different pressure switch signaling and PLC giving the order, drive motor starting, sewage valve opens, deposited impurities on filter brushed by driving brush, and discharged from sewage hole. All this process is automatic, unnecessary to stop the equipment. Also, it is unnecessary to clean the equipment timely. 

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