Slurry Desanding Cyclone

  • Slurry Desanding Cyclone

Short Description:

Slurry desanding cyclone is made by Win Tone Machinery, it has widely usage in starch production line.

Product Detail

Production Case

Our company provides processing designs according to client’s different needs, creates new value for them and offers complete solutions for grain processing machinery. This is about mainly slurry desanding cyclone. Slurry desanding cyclone is used for move away the heavy dusts from starch slurry simultaneously make the slurry whiter. Based on your demand, there are 3 grades and 6 grades generally for your selection.
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Features and Applications of Slurry Desanding Cyclone:
1, Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate. virtually no maintenance.
2, And expansion of the Canal, buffer bins desanding equipment such as compared with small size, processing power, the advantages of on-site space savings.
3, River water, Wells desanding, coal washing water and industrial processing, solid-liquid separation, liquid degassing and separation of non-interoperability solution, etc.
4, Can be applied to air conditioning water treatment, chemical, petroleum, mining, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries. 

After-sale Service of Slurry Desanding Cyclone:
1. We can design and manufacture the sludge treatment system and send the technical personnel to guide the installation of equipment at customer's workplace according to the requirements of our customers. 
2. If there is anything wrong with the products you can contact us in any time ,we'll send the customer's feedback to technology department and return the results to customers as soon as possible.

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